Calendula Baby Bar Soap, Organic, 100 pc Set

Calendula Baby Bar Soap, Organic, 100 pc Set

  • $400.00

Soaplandia’s Calendula Baby soap is unscented, gentle enough for baby skin, and perfect for the most sensitive skin. The Best. Soap. Ever. Calendula Baby bar soap is designed for very very very sensitive skin! Is your skin sensitive? Get this soap to notice the difference right away. This soap is super gentle & baby proof (yes, your baby's skin is safe with this soap).

Summary of Benefits:

  • - will not irritate skin;
  • - suitable for daily bath; 
  • - will not irritate skin with rash;
  • - will not contribute to dry skin;
  • - suitable for all skin types;
  • - suitable for very sensitive skin;
  • - suitable for kids;
  • - suitable for babies;

Made in USA by independent soap-makers, dedicated to producing best possible hand-made herbal soap.

Ingredients: Saponified Palm*, Coconut* and Olive* Oil, Aloe Vera*, Calendula*. (*Organic)