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Why should you try our soap

When it comes to choosing your soap, look for one made without artificial ingredients. Why? Because harsh soap can and will strip your skin from its natural oils, leaving it dry and dehydrated. Which leads to that ‘dirty skin’ feeling, clogged pores, unhealthy skin tone and eventually more wrinkles. So why gamble? Use good healthy soap that is harmless for you (important!), eco-friendly (also important) and leaves no scum (less work for you).

We specialize in natural bar soap made in the USA with love and herbs. There are many scents to choose from - we have neutral unscented bar soaps, floral scented bar soaps like lavender and jasmine, spiced bar soaps like cinnamon and clove, citrus like lemongrass and orange, earthy wooden like pine and eucalyptus, and of course herbal scented soaps like sage and chamomile. Most of Soaplandia's soaps are made with organic ingredients and renewable energy (like wind or solar). All soaps contain natural glycerine that is very beneficial for your skin.

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